Anonymous asked: "do you ever think of your ex lauren?"

Not often, but she crosses my mind occasionally if I scroll past a post on Facebook or something of the like

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4chan should really fuck with tags on tumblr again because that was the best thing to happen to this website in a long time.

Why do I bother with you at all

Anonymous asked: "U are super cute 😍"

ty tyty

As someone who has an autistic brother, if anyone did anything to hurt him in any way, shape or form, I would not hesitate to kick that person’s head in.

I love my brother and if anyone did anything to him like the stuff I’ve read today, I would be fucking murderous. 

How you can hurt autistic children/autistic people in general is beyond me, they are some of the most generous souls and most caring and loving people I’ve had the fortune to meet in the past 10 years. 

What would compel you to it? I don’t understand at all. Fkn hell


Within The Ruins - Calling Card

I fucking love this

Black n white/Tattoo/Sex/Girls/Guys/Vintage
hi i still rly like this photo of me tbh

I’m so fucking baked jfc

U know when you’ve smoked so much that ur like one with the couch, like youve melted and formed a groove and moving is a foreign concept

Thats how I feel rn

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